Product Info

How do I open the tube?
Pull the tab off, pierce film with your finger, pinch the middle tissue and slowly pull it out.

Can I use tishoo tubes in the car?
Absolutely! tishoo tubes are perfect for car cup holders - at the front, back or in child seats.

The tubes are beautiful - can I re-use them?
We encourage re-use of our sturdy tubes - you can use them as a recycling bin for the car (for those stray sweet wrappers, used tissues and face masks), or even in the home as pen/make-up brush caddies!

The tube is a bit too big/small for the cup holder - what can I do?
Not all cup holders are the same shape or size. Whilst tishoo tubes fit the majority of cup holders perfectly, if you need to make the tubes fit more snug in yours, you can put a hair bobble, elastic bands or rubber wrist-band around the tube to keep it tightly gripped in. If the tubes are too big, we suggest putting them in the door card instead - still easily accessible and convenient.

When it's freezing outside, why does the tissue feel moist when left in the car?
Our tissues contain moisturising lotion to make them feel silky smooth on your skin. When kept at freezing temperatures the lotion may make the tissues feel moist - but please be assured this is only temporary - once back at sensible temperatures they will feel perfect again!

Can tishoo tissues be used to clean glasses?
We do not recommend using our tissues to clean glasses lenses.

Purchasing and Locating Products

Can I buy these in a shop?
 products are sold directly by us, on Ocado and in selected BP and Shell garages nationwide.

Manufacturing and Environment

What are the tubes made from?
Our tubes are 100% recyclable. The main tube body is cardboard, and the plastic film at the top is polypropylene. We are actively working on a non-plastic window film too - watch this space!

What is your packaging made from?
Our packaging is 100% paper - no plastic wrapping in sight - even the packaging tape we use is paper-based! If you order up to 16 tubes, the packaging is also FSC®-certified.

Ordering and Customer Service

Can I change an order I've already placed?
Contact us as soon as possible and we'll try our best to amend your order if it hasn't left us yet!

How do I contact you?
Please see our contact page.

What's the return policy?
Please see our returns policy.

My order is taking ages to arrive?
We send the majority of our orders out via Royal Mail. Due to COVID-19 some areas of the country are experiencing long delays with post delivery - please check here to see the current disruption in your area.