Square peg in a round hole

In 2020 our founder Mohammed tried to fix a problem for his wife - her new car's centre console wasn't big enough for her usual box of tissues - essential since she has hayfever and 2 messy young boys! Understandably, she didn't want to put it on the dashboard or back seats since that's not safe to reach for when driving.

Tasked with finding a tissue box small enough to fit somewhere around the driver, Mohammed's search yielded nothing suitable - so he had a lightbulb moment - what about tissues that fit in the cupholder? It was a huge leap of faith to quit his job in Investment Banking - in the midst of a global pandemic - to start a business, but that's exactly what he did - and so tishoo was born.

More than just for the car

Originally developed for motorists, tishoo's super-compact and gorgeous designs have proven a hit with design-conscious consumers looking for beautiful, discreet tissues with a tiny footprint - for dressing tables, the lounge or bedside cabinets. They're also great for general travel - in a tote, pushchair cup holder or backpack's bottle holder!

Soft as silk

We think there's no softer facial tissue out there. Our 4-ply sheets have added moisturiser, so no matter how often they touch your skin, they will never leave it feeling sore or dry.

Giving back and the environment

Coming from a modest background to running his own company,  Mohammed is acutely aware of the benefits of social mobility in society. That's why 10% of our profits go to charities that tackle poverty in the UK, and why we participate in the Government's Kickstart scheme to help unemployed youngsters gain the necessary skills for the future in the workplace.

We're also passionate about the environment - our tubes are 100% recyclable, none of our outer packaging is plastic and we encourage reuse of our tubes as a car recycling bin - simply fill it up, and because it is 100% recyclable itself, put the whole thing in your normal household recycling when finished. Now all those empty packets and wrappers don't need to clutter the car for weeks before going in the bin!

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