Your child just sneezed everywhere. Your nose is running. You spilled coffee on your trousers and you’ve got a meeting in 10 minutes.

No one likes scrambling about for tissues when you’re supposed to be focusing on the road. You know you packed them, so where are they now? With tishoo, you’ll never need to ask that question - because you’ll always know the answer.

We’re tishoo, creators of the innovative tissue tubes by the same name. We grew sick and tired of oversized tissue boxes that aren’t drive-friendly. Not to mention ugly designs that cramp your style. We designed each tishoo tube to look good and work like a charm, with 40 ultra-soft sheets for whenever, wherever.

tishoo is the luxurious car and household tissue you never knew you needed, cleverly packed in a neat tube that fits in most car, pushchair, and baby seat cup holders. Use it at home too for a stylish addition to your desk, bedside table, you name it!

Why tishoo?

  • Space-saving. tishoo’s small footprint means it fits in cars and small spaces at home.
  • Pretty. Each tishoo tube will look great in your car and on display at home.
  • Soft. Each smooth 4-ply tishoo brings serious comfort with every touch.
  • Reusable and Recylable. Repurpose your tishoo tube as a car bin when it’s empty! All our packs come in plastic-free packaging too.
  • Safe. No more out-of-reach boxes. tishoo puts tissues right under your nose!

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